This website is the outcome of an Outreach Project that began with an open meeting in June 2014 to look at how Eurythmy can be strenghtened and sustained in Britain when going into the 21st Century. It has come about through the vision and collaboration of three eurythmists: Chrystal Hayn, Sigune Brinch and Saraphir Legind, with contributions to specific pages from other eurythmists.

Our vision is to develop Eurythmy further as an alternative and spiritually informed performance art, educational and therapeutic tool etc. that lifts invigorates, inspires rejuvenates and expands capacities and abilities.

Chrystal Hayn studied Waldorf Education in Stuttgart in the 80’s and after class teaching for 7 years trained in Eurythmy at the Ringwood Botton Eurythmy School with Chas Bamford, Monica Dorrington and Evamaria Rascher. She went on to be part of many national and international performing projects with the Botton Stage Group, Eskdale Eurythmy, Peredur Stage Group and London Eurythmy over 22 years, working mainly with Hajo Deker. She taught courses at the London College Of Eurythmy and workshops at Steiner House for several years and is part of the Foundation Stone Meditation performing work with London Eurythmy. She lives and works at The Mount Camphill Community, where she also teaches young people with special needs at the Mount Independent Specialist Residential College and is co-founder of Eurythmy India.
Saraphir Legind studied Eurythmy in England at Eurythmy West Midlands and then Camphill Eurythmy School. She graduated in 2013 and since 2014 has been based in Edinburgh, where she works as a Eurythmist at Garvald Edinburgh and The Columcille Centre. She has a deep interest in Eurythmy for wellbeing and Eurythmy in Social/Working Life and has worked with this both in her regular workplaces and in other organisations. She runs public workshops on different themes and has taught in various other organisations around Edinburgh. She set up this website and the websites for the Eurythmy Association and the Eurythmy Therapy Association and still manages this website and the Facebook page. You can see more about her work on her website www.movingpresence.co.uk and on Facebook, Instagram.
Sigune Brinch: Dip. Eurythmy (Eurythmeum Elena Zuccoli, CH) MA “Eurythmy Performance” (Alanus University, Alfter, Germany), performing and touring internationally with various ensembles and as a soloist. Teaching children and adults eurythmy since 1990, and at Peredur Eurythmy since ca 2004 as Eurythmy Trainer. Principal of Peredur Eurythmy.