Eurythmy for Well-being and Stress Management

By Saraphir Qaa-Rishi The world is changing and the pace of change seems to be increasing every year. Advances in technology are creating permanent, but ever-changing, developments in how we live and work and we are living with the constant threat and awareness of ecological breakdown, international political tensions and the rise of the new READ MORE

Spiritual Perspectives in Education – Breathing

By Chrystal Hayn As the Soul – Spirit and Physical – Life aspects of the human being are drawn together through education, we come to the boundary between the spiritual and the physical which is the area of breathing. Taking a breath is the first thing we do in life and the last thing we READ MORE

Spiritual Perspectives in Education

By Chrystal Hayn Should we be educating the child in the womb? This is the question that the AI community and others are asking and beginning to research. How could this education in the womb be effective and what technology could be used to take the question of pre-birth education further? In his first lecture READ MORE

Working with Steiner’s Principles Towards Perceptive and Imaginative Teaching Approaches

By Chrystal Hayn Thoughts that have inspired me that arise through reading the Foundations of Human Experience: Lectures on Education by Rudolf Steiner. Thoughts like these are timeless and allow strength and persistence for teaching the special needs young people with whom I work at the Mount Camphill Community. In the spiritual world before birth READ MORE