Eurythmy Retreat August 2021 with Michèle Hunter.

In working and moving meaningfully together through creative expression:

– Parents can re-discover themselves and reconnect with their 4-fold nature, as well as their children’s temperaments.

– Teachers can re-discover themselves and the nature of the children they teach more deeply, as well as their own 4-fold nature.

– We can re-connect to the elements in a way that brings meaning, deepens our relationship to and our understanding of them and their roles in our lives.

– We can grow consciousness. 

– We can improve our relationship to self and others.

– We can work from chaos, through the heart, to resolution.

– We can strengthen our immune systems and increase resilience.

– We can tap into our body’s divine wisdom.

Eurythmy brings us into creative expression which can help lead us to our Higher Self. When we connect to our Higher Self, we then begin our journey towards and enter our Higher Purpose in the world. Much needed today! Through this retreat, we can begin that journey. Everyone is welcome, I look forward to seeing you there.

Warm regards, Michèle

P.S. See Poster for info and contact details

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