With People with Learning Disabilities

Eurythmy for people with learning disabilities is based on the same archetypal movements as for everyone else, though some exercises may be adapted to suit the needs and abilities of everyone in the session. It is inspired by life qualities and rhythms and taught through the transformative power of movement, music and language. This approach addresses the person in their true humanity as a social being of spiritual origin. Approaches to developing through eurythmy allows the person with learning disabilities to access their sense of life and their ability to think and to act, addressing these capacities through a weaving quality. The individual manifestations of these processes are strengthened through working and collaborating as a group. The mood needed in order to learn these movements is a relaxed and joyful focus.

From a student performance at The Mount Camphill Community.

The quality of movement to strive for in Eurythmy is one of grace, expression and playful creativity. This allows each person taking part in a Eurythmy session to move towards a sense of beauty and harmony, and facilitates the opportunity to find uprightness, dexterity, the possibility to listen and an awareness of others.

Depending on the setting it may be possible to have one-to-one sessions, which have the benefit of being completely adapted to the individual, or to take part in a group, which adds a more social aspect.