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Working with Eurythmy in organisations brings a new training technique to help management and employees create an enterprise that is dynamic, responsive and efficient. Eurythmy works best when taken up in an on-going process to develop awareness, but is also extremely effective as one-off workshops where a new beginning or a break in routine is needed.

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Eurythmy is a superb support to any organisational change process and in helping with interpersonal relations and communication. It is a very effective Team Building tool as it brings an awareness to team dynamics and how each person contributes to the team. Bringing consciousness to elements such as giving and receiving, trust and responsibility and the need to be aware of the needs of others in order for the team to work together harmoniously, Eurythmy can strengthen and bring harmony to the social interactions within an organisation.

At first there was a little bit of frustration as the complexity was unexpected, but it was really satisfying when we came together. The rhythm helped us succeed and I felt a harmonious feeling developed from the team building effects of the exercises. It was well led – not too much guidance, which helped the team/me work harder. I felt the session also helped us develop trust and a realisation that we can function well as a group if we tune into each other.

Manager in an Edinburgh based organisation.

Eurythmy is creative movement and as such can support an organisation through periods of change and can help with creative processes and where there is a need to think ‘outside the box’. It can also be an effective tool in times of restructuring and where there has been a merging of organisational cultures as the exercises bring an element of fun and humour, while at the same time giving a sense of achievement through overcoming difficulties together as a group. In this way it can be an aid in overcoming differences and creating new relations in situations where there could be potential conflict or resistance to change.

Eurythmy works especially well in the realm of relieving stress and tension and in promoting well-being, both individually and within an organisation. Reports from people who engage with Eurythmy often include feelings of relaxation and happiness following the session, release of tension, stress and anxiety, increase in energy, improved self- and social awareness, and general improvement of physical and mental well-being.

Very calming and relaxing. Felt very much like an active mediation and felt that my mind had less ‘chatter’ by the time we had finished.

From a participant in a staff training session.

Eurythmists working with Organisations:

Melissa Harwood  – Art and Eurythmy (The Lake District)

Saraphir Legind – Moving Presence (Edinburgh)