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By Sigune Brinch

It was very good to welcome a large number of people at the end of last term to the Granary at Peredur Centre to see our end of term presentation. It is indeed heart-warming to feel an interest in our steadily growing Peredur Eurythmy Training.

Our students are now busy with their end of year preparations.

On the 24th June there will be an end of year showing of the work of the students at 7.30.

Anna Pavan, our 4th year student, is graduating this summer. She will be supported by her third year colleagues and the teachers in presenting an adaptation of the English folktale ‘The Buried Moon’. The tale will be interwoven with music by Bach, Kodaly and Tchaikowski and poems by Emily Bronte, Judith Wright and Kathleen Raine. The story brings core issues of the human condition and the path of development into elemental imagery, which are picked up and enriched by the interwoven texts and music. 

peredur eurythmy news

The Graduation performance will be on the 8th of July at 7.30 (please check for potential additional performance times). Advance tickets can be booked by emailing It will also be performed at:

Newton Dee Camphill Community, Aberdeen on the 10th June at 7.30 pm

Edinburgh Steiner School on the 11th June at 7.30 pm

Rudolf Steiner House in London on the 17th June at 7.30 pm and other venues are being confirmed.

This year’s Eurythmy Summer Week, which is open to beginners, intermediates and trained eurythmists will be from the 11th -15th of June. Questions and booking via emailing

Peredur Eurythmy is now open for applications for our new intake this September. Please have a look at our website and don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal chat about what it is like to train as a eurythmist and if this may be a path for you.

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