Post Graduate Training

Once you have completed the 4-year training in The Art of Eurythmy (which qualifies you to work as a teacher and performer) there are several post graduate training courses where you can continue your studies in Eurythmy in Britain.

MA in Eurythmy

If you are already working actively in any field of eurythmy you can start a part-time MA in Eurythmy where you would specialise in either eurythmy as a performance art, eurythmy in education/as a social art, or eurythmy as a therapy (only available if you already have a diploma in eurythmy therapy). As a part of this you can also complete a teacher training, which is aimed at eurythmists working in schools. The MA takes place over 2 years and consists of blocks of sessions where you attend master classes with different tutors and take part in lectures, discussions and presentations. You will also be guided to develop research and study skills and have to write a thesis at the end of the course. If you haven’t got a BA, you can get one during the first part of the course by completing extra work.

The course is led by Coralee Frederickson and Shaina Stoehr and is accredited by Alanus University in Germany. It takes place at Emerson College, Forest Row.

You can get more information about the MA or teacher training on:

Eurythmy Therapy Training

The second post graduate training that leads to an MA is the part time Eurythmy Therapy Training, which is based in Stroud. The training consists of 5 blocks of lessons and workshops combined with periods of observation and practice in between. The training awards an MA in Eurythmy Therapy, which is also awarded by Alanus University (provided you have a BA already). If you haven’t got a BA, you can get one during the first part of the course by completing some work.

The training is led by Shaina Stoehr, Katherine Beaven and Brenda Newton.

You can see more about the Eurythmy Therapy Training on their website.

Post Graduate Performance Work

The two Eurythmy Trainings in Britain offer Post Graduate Stage Courses where you can continue to develop and deepen your practice as a eurythmy performer. You can read more on their websites:

Peredur Eurythmy

Eurythmy West Midlands