Public Eurythmy Classes and Workshops

The best way to get a taster of the benefits of eurythmy is to find a public class or workshop near you. Some classes come as a block of weekly sessions and others are stand-alone workshops where you can dip your foot in without committing to weekly classes. Whatever you choose, you are bound to encounter some of the harmonising and balancing effects of eurythmy. Classes will generally be suitable for everyone regardless of experience and fitness level unless the details specify otherwise.

Many of the exercises and elements that are taught in the classes have an aspect of mindful movement in them – from the way you walk to slowly becoming more aware of the surrounding space and your place in it. You may also work with improving your posture, left-right coordination and concentration exercises, which can bring about a relaxed and enlivened focus – all very needed in the tech-heavy world of today. An essential element of eurythmy is developing a flowing and harmonious way of moving. When you focus on the process of the movement, where you’re coming from and where you’re going to, the in-between moments and becoming increasingly aware of what is happening between the members of the group, you are creating a movement which is alive, and which in turn enlivens you.

public eurythmy classes and workshops

Eurythmy is a movement art, which is ideally positioned to promote well-being and combat stress. But this is not the only benefit you will get from it. The artistic elements of eurythmy – visible speech and visible music – connect us deeply to other art forms such as poetry and music. When working with poetry you may work with sounds, rhythm, colour and the general mood and movement of the poem, and in music find a deeper connection to the intrinsic elements of music – the tones, intervals, rhythm, pitch and beat of the music. It is a journey in movement and experiencing that deepens the more eurythmy you do and it opens you up to a world of art and of constant discovery of what it means to be human.

Below are some of the places where you can find public classes. Not all people offering classes may be on this list, so if you live near a Steiner School or Camphill Community (or similar therapeutic community) you could ask there.

Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London, NW10 – Sara Hunt

Peredur Eurythmy: West Hoathly Road, East Grinstead, RH19 4NF

Eurythmy for Wellbeing and Resilience, Forest Row, Sussex.
(Online and in person)
Katherine Beaven:

Eurythmy Transformational Movement, Hereford, Herefordshire.
Karla Prates:

Christian Community, Stroud, Gloucestershire.
Elisabeth Bamford:, 07751000188

Botton Village, Danby, Whitby, North Yorkshire
Jonathan Reid;

Christian Community, Edinburgh, Scotland
Erica Mulheisen 01312281159

Moving Presence, Edinburgh, Scotland