Eurythmy West Midlands

Eurythmy West Midlands is based at Glasshouse Arts Centre, Stourbridge, near Birmingham, in the heart of England. This Arts Centre – with which we collaborate – is situated on the campus of Glasshouse College, a Ruskin Mill Further Education Centre for young people with learning difficulties and other special needs. This social enterprise offers a vibrant life of craft activities and cultural artistic events, taking place in the Ruskin Arts Centre and the refurbished theatre of the Arts Centre.

Our four-year full-time course offers a training in the art of eurythmy. As well as participating in performance work, graduates usually teach children and adults, and give public classes, promoting social awareness and well being. Successful graduates are awarded a Diploma in Eurythmy, approved by the international Performing Arts Section in Dornach, Switzerland.

Eurythmy West Midlands fosters eurythmy as a performing art through producing innovative stage group programmes. Talented young graduates from different countries work to enhance their performance skills. Tours through Britain and Europe are the norm; sequels to recent tours to China, Taiwan and Japan are being planned. For more information see our website.

Teaching Faculty:

Maren Stott: Dip. Eurythmy (Nuremberg, Germany) MA “Eurythmy Performance” (Alanus University, Alfter, Germany) has performed and toured internationally with various Ensembles and as a soloist. Teaches in the Eurythmy training since 1986. Is now one of the visiting, carrying members of the new stage Ensemble at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland.

Rita Kort: Dip. Eurythmy (Ringwood-Botton, 1990; Dip. Eurythmy Therapy 2009); member of “Nederlands Eurythmie Ensemble” 1991-96. Taught in Zeist and toured Europe. Member of Eurythmy Spring Valley, USA, 1996-97. Taught at Camphill Eurythmy training 1997-2014, subsequently at West Midlands Eurythmy.

Annamaria Balog (eurythmy, eurythmy in education): BA Philosophy (UBB Cluj, Romania, 2009), BA Psychology (UBB Cluj, Romania, 2009), Dip. Eurythmy (Stourbridge – 2015) MA Dip. Eurythmy Therapy (Alanus University, Alfter, Germany – 2018) She has been teaching eurythmy at Elmfield, Steiner-Waldorf School since 2015, and EWM. Various solo projects and with Eurythmy West Midlands.

Alan Stott (music), B.Ed. has played for eurythmy for forty years in several Steiner-Waldorf Schools and five Eurythmy trainings; numerous tours in Europe, America and New Zealand; teaches music appreciation and choral singing.

Visiting Teachers:

Jonathan Reid (eurythmy): BA Philosophy (Hull, 1979), Dip..Eurythmy (Ringwood-Botton 1986), PGDE Eurythmy Education (Plymouth 2008). Has taught in Pennine, Larchfield and Botton Camphill communities, and Botton Village Steiner School. Faculty member Camphill Eurythmy School 1994-2014. Various performance projects as member of Botton Eurythmy Ensemble 1986-2014.

Eurythmy West Midlands
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