Peredur Eurythmy

Peredur Eurythmy is based at Peredur Center in East Grinstead, Sussex, UK. It is in the midst of green and peaceful countryside, just a few miles from the beautiful Ashdown Forest, and yet just under one hour by train from London. To the coast in the other direction it is also just under an hour’s drive. Our campus is adjacent to that of Tobias School of Art and Therapy. There is a student hostel on campus, which students from Tobias also use. The town center of East Grinstead and train station are in walking distance, or just a short ride away.

We offer a variety of courses and classes in Eurythmy:

An intensive four year vocational artistic Eurythmy Training Course. Successful completion leads to a Diploma in Eurythmy, fully accredited by the Section for Performing Arts of the “Freie Hochschule für Geisteswissenschaft”, in Dornach, Switzerland.   

We also offer one term (usually 10 -11 weeks) and one year intensives, Intensive Postgraduate performance courses, Trinity Guildhall ATCL exam in Performance Arts and Trinity Guildhall LTCL exam in Performance Arts (recognised by Ofqual at Level 6). Both exams can be combined with performance courses. Other regular projects and events are Children’s Performing projects, regular open classes and workshops and a Residential Summer School.

We aim to meet the individual needs of each student and support him/her through the process of transformation the training brings about.  

Graduates who have obtained a basic diploma may wish go on to specialisations in Eurythmy Therapy, Eurythmy Pedagogy, Performance Eurythmy and Eurythmy in the workplace. Some of these are offered at MA level. Eurythmists typically work in education, both with children and adults, in therapy, in social care and as artists. There is much scope for entrepreneurial spirit in professional practice.

Peredur Eurythmy usually have a performance project on the go. We invite talented eurythmists with a passion for performance from all over the world to come and work with us to improve their skill and get their creative juices flowing. Shaping a program, tour organisation, costume design and lighting are some of the additional skills that can be acquired.

Teaching Faculty:

Sigune Brinch: Dip. Eurythmy (Eurythmeum Elena Zuccoli, CH) MA “Eurythmy Performance” (Alanus University, Alfter, Germany), performing and touring internationally with various ensembles and as a soloist. Teaching children and adults eurythmy since 1990, and at Peredur Eurythmy since ca 2004 as Eurythmy Trainer. Principal of Peredur Eurythmy. 

Georgie Howlett: Dip. Eurythmy (London College of Eurythmy UK ) Dip. Eurythmy Therapy & MA “Eurythmy Performance” (Alanus University, Alfter, Germany), Performing and touring internationally with London Eurythmy, teaching in Waldorf schools and at London College of Eurythmy. Working as Eurythmy Therapist. Co-carrying Peredur Eurythmy.

Glenys Waters: Dip. Eurythmy ( London Eurythmy UK) Touring and performing internationally with various ensembles. Eurythmy in adult education (Emerson College). Co-carrying Peredur Eurythmy.

Many excellent supporting artists join Peredur Eurythmy to give a rich and varied curriculum. For more information please see our website.