Feedback from two second- year drama students, Catherine and Alaister, who had a series of Eurythmy sessions whilst studying (Birmingham):

Eurythmy has contributed toward an increased awareness of my body, particularly my stage presence, awareness of the space and awareness of other performers. I feel my dexterity and coordination have increased more than my agility, due to the particular exercises we worked on each week.

My balance and coordination definitely improved a lot during the sessions. I found it very relaxing and it always improved my mood.

Eurythmy has been a pleasant project over the past year. It is quite unlike anything I have ever come across before. The meditative quality of Eurythmy has made it an hourly class to gently expand awareness of my mental and physical qualities as an actor and an individual. It has increased my awareness of my use of space, my creativity and use of language.

Catherine and Alaister during a Eurythmy session.

Feedback from staff participating in regular sessions of Eurythmy in the Workplace (Edinburgh):

Very good for group connections and dynamics and formations. Important to remain enjoyable and to be able to laugh at ones own errors.

Very enjoyable, poetic and calming. Felt as I was part of a whole being. Even though it’s a physical exercise, also quite meditative.

Each time we do these exercises, it becomes a little bit ‘easier’, more intuitive; so nice to have this continuity and progress (even though it’s only twice a year!).