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Eurythmy therapy is a movement therapy based on living organic movement. Just as the whole natural world is built up out of the interplay of the four elements, earth, water, air and fire/warmth, so too is the body of the human being.

Part of our vocabulary of therapeutic movement is based on the elements as they appear in the sounds of language, particularly in the consonants, which work on the form and function of the body. Another part is more musical and vocalic and is also connected to the emotional element of the human being.

Eurythmy is my best lesson, it is fun and energetic. Afterwards I feel like my cheerful self again. My feet just love the foot rollers, that has to be the best bit.

Young adult with special needs.

Homeopathic medicine is made by rhythmically potentizing a particular mineral or plant, thus transforming it into a healing substance. Likewise in Eurythmy therapy the specific movement quality of a syllable, either a consonant or a vowel, is chosen and “potentized” by repeated practice to work towards overcoming illness and generally to strengthen health.

After two blocks of Eurythmy therapy my daughter’s bed wetting has disappeared. You can imagine how grateful we are!

Parent at Michael Hall Steiner School.

Eurythmy therapy is an active therapy in that the client is merely guided by the therapist to work towards their own health. Specific therapeutic movement sequences are prescribed by a doctor or practitioner; these are then gradually built up and developed over a series of sessions. The client is invited to practice on their own in between sessions, as this greatly strengthens the therapeutic effect.

My daughter’s running used to be a disaster, but thanks to Eurythmy therapy her movement is now much more formed and well co-ordinated.

Parent at Michael Hall Steiner School.

For more information about Eurythmy Therapy, please see the website of the Eurythmy Therapy Association. Or watch this short video on YouTube.