Why do Eurythmy?

Eurythmy is a unique and versatile movement art, which, as you can see on this site, finds its expression in the world in different capacities. It started out as a performance art and in this way Eurythmy is a way of exploring artistic movement. It can be called ‘dance with meaning’ and through doing eurythmy you can deepen your understanding and appreciation of poetry and music and how you can make these visible in movement through using your entire body as your instrument. In this way you constantly have to sensitise and fine-tune your movements and your ability to enter into the mood of a poem or piece of music to be able to stay true to the artistic expressions of the poets and composers, whose pieces you are working with.

Eurythmy has also been called ‘gymnastics for the soul and spirit’, and in this capacity it is a strong proponent in the field of well-being and mindful movement. Eurythmy very actively helps us to centre ourselves and find inner balance. It increases our self-awareness, and because it is movement it is easier to let go of stress and an over-busy mind when engaging in eurythmy compared to if one tries to meditate when stressed. It helps us to attune to ourselves and to become more sensitive to the signs of being out of balance or becoming tense. Eurythmy brings a flow and lightness to our movement and one will usually leave a eurythmy session feeling enlivened, focused and relaxed.

I feel more flexible and prepared to work, more relaxed and centred, I feel I could concentrate better on things. Thank you so much, it made my day much better.

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