Youth Eurythmy Festival

The Youth Eurythmy Festival takes place every year in March and is a way for classes and performers from the UK to share their work with each other. It is organised by Sigune Brinch, Michele Hunter and Kelly Williams. This year it is on 5th May 2023 at 2.30 pm at Peredur Centre for the Arts, East Grinstead. For more information please contact the organisers on

“Each school presented skills of co-ordination, buoyant nimble-footed movements of exact timing to live music, performed by dedicated and professional musicians. Dynamic and swift forms were carved in the air which flowed from the stage over to the auditorium engaging the audience as they were inwardly moved. 

From rod exercises, to geometric forms in movement, to creative and delightful choreography, through stories told from different cultures, to the dynamic joy and light-fullness played on the piano, right through to the warm gentle soul quality of the violin and flute, the audience had the chance to experience youth eurythmy at its best. And this was positively achieved by young and affirmative students from the different Steiner schools present on the day.”

Anna Kotanidis 2017

Photo Gallery From Past Festivals